Santifaller Christoph was born in 1976 in Munich, Germany and has a broad background in the fields of marketing, communication, and design. Before obtaining his degree from a university of applied sciences, he spent two years in London and one year in Boston. In Munich, he completed a marketing apprenticeship and subsequently studied communication and design in Salzburg.


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His time in Freetown, Sierra Leone was particularly formative for his career, where he not only excelled through social engagement but also through the successful operation of an ice cube production and entertainment center. Today, his focus is on online marketing in the real estate and tourism sectors. He is a consultant to the Organization and his wife’s business based in Bali Southeast Asia.

Christoph Santifaller is a versatile and active person who enjoys spending time in nature and pursuing his passions such as surfing, padel tennis, tennis, golf, diving, running, and skiing. He is also committed to environmental protection and advocates for sustainability, which is evident in his social engagement for a better future. If you would like to get in touch with him, simply visit our contact page.

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